CDM Co-ordinator

CDM Co-ordinator

Under the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2007, therPrinte is a requirement for a CDM Co-ordinator to be appointed on any construction project that is to last more than 30 working days or 500 man hours. The CDM Co-ordinator must be appointed at project inception, prior to the commencement of any design development.

Wade Consultants Ltd have been involved in hundreds of construction related projects and our staff have a wide range of experience and knowledge covering such sectors as

  • Local Government
  • Education
  • Retail
  • Hotel and LeisureCDM-2007-Plan-Manage-Monitor-300x280
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Industrial
  • Health
  • Commercial

The scope of projects has varied from refurbishment to new build on brownfield and greenfield sites. Values of projects have ranged from less than £1,000 to in excess of £150m.Client Duties-Device

All staff are professional members of the Association for Project Safety and receive regular training and attend industry related seminars and knowledge updates.

Further information may be obtained by contacting us on 0844 567 6352.

Health & Safety Advice

The CDM regulations have also meant that many more contractors are finding themselves in the position of principal contractor without any real experience or knowledge of the responsibilities that are attributed to the role.

We can help contractors in carrying out the requirements as and when needed and ensure that all the necessary documentation, including risk assessments, COSHH assessments and method statements are prepared and displayed.

Warning_signIt is all too prevalent today for people to come under inspection by the Health and Safety Executive.  This can sometimes lead to fines, prohibition notices and even imprisonment if certain areas are not kept in order.

Wade Consultants Ltd can provide health and safety notices, policies, registers, etc. and appraisals and inspections of site and operative appraisals and training.

Contact us on 0844 567 6352 to discuss your requirements further and we will tailor a package to suit you.

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